"One Headphone to Rule Them All," Says Positive Feedback of Audeze's CRBN Headphones

July 09, 2022

"Clearly, the Audeze CRBN is a revolutionary monitor."

Bob Katz, Positive Feedback

"Clearly, the Audeze CRBN is a revolutionary monitor. With EQ I think it can take on any other rival, whether magnetic or electrostatic, in any frequency range. Electrostatic phones require a heavy, dedicated amplifier, so of course I use more portable headphones for outside or bedroom listening. But in the studio and listening room I now use a single headphone for both pleasure and reference listening: The Audeze CRBN, equalized if possible to Bob's EQ. It is the most transparent, musical and accurate headphone I've ever heard. Bob's EQ is designed to perceptually match the calibrated loudspeakers in the mastering suite, where thousands of masters approved by artists and producers have been made. Thus, you will not only be able to enjoy the music, you can judge recordings like a mastering engineer. No second-guessing the headphone response. I urge you to check out the Audeze CRBN."

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