Audeze Penrose Added to Heavy's "Best High End Gaming Headsets" List

April 08, 2021

"Audeze is the latest headphones company to get in on the gaming trend. While some companies treat this as a money-making fad, Audeze brings a serious amount of technical expertise into a space that needs fast-paced evolution. I recently tried out the Audueze LCD-1 headphones and was blown away by the quality. But can Audeze capture lightning in a bottle in the headset space? In short, yes, but there are some catches. "

"In terms of audio quality, Audeze’s planar magnetic drivers are in a league of their own. These drivers are some of the best when it comes to reproducing spacious sound with multiple layers. The best example of this is in Fortnite. Even if you don’t play, it’s worth loading up just to check out the game with 3D audio turned on. The Audeze Penrose really puts you at the center of the action, and the feeling of gunshot sounds whizzing past your head is how video games are meant to be played. "

"So, what are the catches? First, the Audeze Penrose is comfortable enough. It’s not the most pleasant headset I’ve worn, but it’s nowhere near the worst either. It is wearable without any discomfort, though. For one of Audeze’s first outings, it’ll do the job. I would like to see improvements made in this area in the next generation. Something akin to the HyperX Cloud Revolver’s self-adjusting headset is where every headset maker’s head needs to be. "

"In closing, the question is who is this headset for? If you’re the type of player who games regularly and wants the best possible experience out there in terms of audio and mic quality, the Penrose is a worthy investment you won’t need to replace any time soon. As it stands, the mic is arguably the best in the industry and the audio is as clean as they come. Just be sure to throw out the AUX cable once you’ve got it out the box."