"Audeze Mobius sets a new bar for gaming headsets" says Digital Chumps

April 08, 2021

"Gaming headsets come and go in the gaming world. Typically, gaming headset experiences are associated with companies like Turtle Beach, Astro, and HyperX. They have owned the gaming market for some time, providing good solutions at reasonable prices. While they certainly have all made headsets that have impressed over the years in terms of quality and delivery, there is another company in the shadows waiting right now to spring forth possibly one of the most impressive headset experiences that the gaming world did not know they wanted or needed. While the hardware will certainly cost you a pretty penny, the delivery is like no other. Let’s talk about Audeze’s Mobius 3D – 8-channel headset experience."

"The design has never been a huge plus in my eyes…or ears. 

For the Mobius, the power button lies on the outside of the left ear cup towards the bottom. The mute button is a switch on the same cup above it. Having them separated, easily accessible, and less of a blindfolded button hunt is something I did not know I needed until I experienced it. It’s quick, easy, and the location makes complete sense. The same power button, when held, activates Bluetooth as well, which informs you of when you successfully hold it down. Two quick pushes of the same power button activates Bluetooth pairing, so you can be disappointed quickly when your Sony PlayStation 5 says, “Want to register? HA! You can’t.” I’ve never met a headset or earbuds that don’t require you to smother that Bluetooth button to pair it, so the changeup was a nice, quick feature that will get you going as soon as it can (I activated a pair with my laptop and phone within two minutes of each other – a new record). It’s smart, it’s easy to do, and the multi-purpose pushing works and makes sense."

"I can never go back. I never knew that 3D audio was just so mesmerizing. It makes sense for the most part and it brings an entirely new audio experience that I could not have imagined existed, especially in the gaming world. Imagine this, you are walking down a street, you hear a sound in front of you. Another sound happens to the left of you, then another to the right. You turn your head at each sound, while the others are still happening. Each sound firmly stays in the place where it originated as you move your head, which creates a 3D environment for your ears that only a virtual reality device could appreciate. This is 3D audio and it’s so important in taking another step towards the perfect gaming experience. This is one of the main options that Audeze’s Mobius delivers. It’s unbelievably immersive and adds another layer to whatever game you might be playing. We will get back to that experience in just a second. Let’s get back to that 3D button."

"The Mobius is $399, which might be a hard pass for a lot of people. For a headset to deliver a Bluetooth 3D sound solution, feature an amazing algorithm that works as advertised, provide 7.1 channel sound with a beautiful amount of even bass, provide the option to work with PC, PS5, and mobile devices, while still delivering superb sound quality, what more do you want? The comfort of the headset is there too. It’s light, it disperses heat away from your ears, and it’s comfortable after a long period of time. My ears do not get fatigued with this headset, which is an enormous plus. 


"I like my gaming headsets quite a bit. I’m picky when it comes to price and comfort. The Mobius sets a new bar for gaming headset sound solutions. It is worth every single penny asked because it makes you appreciate the investment. It’s everything you would want in a gaming audio experience."