Audeze LCD-X, LCD-3, iSINE20 and Deckard Review; Geoff Stanfield, Tape Op

May 16, 2019

Tape Op's Geoff Stanfield reviews the LCD-X, LCD-3, iSINE20 and Deckard for pro audio use.

"For jaded music listeners, the Audeze line of headphones may be the cure for reconnecting with music and audio. Audeze is not a new name to audiophiles. The company has been making high-quality products for many years but have more recently caught the attention of some folks in the pro audio community, and with good reason."

"... mix engineers have adopted the LCD-X, and after my own trial runs at using them for mixing, I can see why. They are not overly flattering or hyped, and they translate accurately back and forth between my studio monitors and the 'real world.'"

"The only issue I have with Audeze products is that they have made listening on pretty much any other headphone system a letdown. Like everything else in pro audio, high-quality comes at a price; and in this case, it is worth it."