Audeze "LCD-X headphones [are] the perfect “final arbiter," says Mix Mag

April 22, 2021

"In contrast a flat planar driver diaphragm, as used in the LCD-X, is made from a polymer film 1.8-micron thick, 100 mm in diameter, with a 4-micron thick aluminum voice-coil printed directly on it. The thin and flat diaphragm’s lighter mass and weight allow it to move more freely and accurately in response to the audio input signal. Planar magnetic drivers reproduce down to 20 Hz easily. In addition, the thinner transducer allows for an overall slimmer design of the ear cups. "

"The new LCD-X has comfortable leather ear pads that seal nicely on your head (synthetic leather is an option). Their overall size, metal construction and powerful N50 neodymium magnets cause these headphones to weigh 1.4 pounds (635 grams). They are a little heavy on my head compared to other headphones such as my Audeze LCD-1s at 250 grams. But they are comfortable. I got used to them quickly, and the extra weight does aid in the way they “mold” to the sides of my head to form a good acoustic seal after only a few minutes."

"Being open-back, the feeling of occlusion is minimal; I can still hear sounds around me. I found that good for at home but not outside on busy city streets or in the recording studio with other louder sound sources playing around me. For extended critical listening sessions, I would play back mixes sitting on my studio couch with my feet up. "

"With music mixed only on headphones and played back on speakers, I find vocals are not just too quiet but they are not presented as strong foreground elements. That is why I like mixing on speakers and checking on headphones."

"On both mastered music and in-progress mixes, the LCD-X sounded marvelous. I heard the bass similar in character and level as on my monitors. I heard deep into the stereo image and space I had created, and I heard reverb tails and subtle decays better than on my monitors."

"I found the LCD-X headphones to be the perfect “final arbiter.” They were useful well after I had finished a mix to my satisfaction on monitor speakers, or when I would later hear the mastered version. I would take a day off, then come back and play it on the LCD-X headphones. If there was something bothering me in the mix or mastering, then I investigated. But usually it was good and the LCD-X headphones were all I ever needed"