"A no-brainer in my book" Says TechHive of Audeze LCD-1

December 30, 2020

With a list price of $399, the Audeze LCD-1 is far less expensive than most planar-magnetic headphones. Along with its generally outstanding sound quality, that makes it a no-brainer in my book."

"Audeze designs and builds its headphones in the United States and touts several enhancements it has made to planar-magnetic technology. One of them is its ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragms, which are very lightweight, presenting very little resistance to movement for improved transient response. And its large size of 90mm in diameter facilitates deep bass reproduction."

"In the company’s flagship headphones, each diaphragm is suspended between two Fluxor magnet structures, as seen in Fig. 1. But in the LCD-1, there is only one magnet in each earcup, located between the ear and the diaphragm. This is less efficient than a double-sided design, requiring more amp power, but it allows the headphones to be lighter. And the Fluxor magnet is more efficient than a conventional magnet, focusing more of the magnetic field toward the diaphragm."
"I have only a couple of minor quibbles. The LCD-1 is very lightweight, which is great, but that comes at the expense of feeling a bit flimsy. On the sound-quality front, I was never impressed with the dynamic range. It wasn’t bad, just not quite as wide as I’ve heard from other headphones."