9to5Toys Reviews the Audeze LCD-1

August 04, 2020

"For those who like simplicity and top-tier sound, look no further than the Audeze LCD-1. While they aren’t wireless and don’t have ANC, the LCD-1 headphones pack planar magnetic technology in a portable package. Sound from this pair of cans is highly detailed and accurate for critical reference listening and audio engineers. Check out the video below for more. At $399, the LCD-1 is the entry point into Audeze’s reference line. With a frequency response from 10-50,000hz and an emphasis on clarity, the headphones are a dream come true for critical listeners. Listening to the Alabama Shakes’ “Sounds & Color” renders all of the beautiful little details like the pedals squeaking and gives a soft touch to the hi-hat without any harshness."

"Bass response is clear and hits low, but as a reference pair, it isn’t accentuated at all. The bass notes on Solar Sailer from the Tron legacy soundtrack are deep and full without damaging any higher frequencies or overpowering the song. Thanks to the open-back design, the soundstage and stereo positioning are both exceptional on the LCD-1. It’s easy to pick out instruments in cluttered tracks. Back to Sound and Color, you can easily pick out all of the different strings, their positions, and the grit as the bows hit and vibrate on the strings. Listening to David Guetta’s “Titanium,” there’s an interesting emphasis on the back-up vocals during the buildup to the chorus, with Sia’s highest line taking more of a backseat than I’m used to hearing from other cans."

"If you’re looking for a pair of headphones with an emphasis on clarity and neutrality, you need to seriously consider the LCD-1. Overall, the LCD-1 from Audeze offers incredible clarity. Using these for editing videos is a joy. The open-back nature is great for a wide soundstage, but definitely needs to be taken into consideration for where and when you will be doing most of your listening."

9to5Toys Reviews the LCD-1