Grant Gaines of Just Push Start Talks About His Demo of CRBN & One-On-One With Audeze CEO

August 03, 2021

"Not only was the sound stage huge, they had fantastic range and really brought the vocals to life. It’s the type of experience that headphones attempt to capture and it did an impressive job."

- Grant Gaines, Just Push Start


Audeze has officially announced CRBN (pronounced carbon), their first electrostatic headphone.

Audeze came up with the concept and technology behind CRBN through neuroscience research, with the intent to help patients with challenges regarding MRI machines. The thought or at least issue was traditional headphones (coil, planar and electrostatic), have issues in MRI machines due to the way they’re designed. The technology in CRBN gets around this, making them fully MRI compatible, ultimately improving patient comfort and communication.

After multiple tests, Audeze discovered these headphones sounded fantastic and created both the MRI and consumer version, CRBN. Prior to the announcement I actually had the good fortune to meet with Sankar Thiagasamudram, CEO Audeze, and experience CRBN.

Read Grant's piece about his meeting with our CEO, Sankar, in Michigan where he get a special demo of CRBN here.