Audeze talks to streamer, gamer, voice-over actor and parkour enthusiast Joe Zieja

October 08, 2021

Audeze talks to streamer, gamer, voice-over actor and parkour enthusiast Joe Zieja

 Joe Zieja loves gaming, streaming, anime, music, parkour, and lots of other things. He's made a career out of these passions, just by being a fun-loving person with an infectious enthusiasm-- well, that and a lot of hard work!

"Audeze headphones are great for my streams because, honestly, they're comfortable...  they sound great, and I love the open-back style..."  - Joe Zieja
Here's our talk with Joe:
What is your screen name? 

I'm @JoeZieja pretty much everywhere!

What are your favorite games?

My top game of all time is an older JRPG called Xenogears, which was sort of half-finished after they ran out of money. But I'm a huge classic Final Fantasy fan (VI, VII are tops) too. I love modern storytelling games like The Last Of Us, among many others. I game a lot. Currently I'm stuck in the only MMO I've ever played, which is Final Fantasy XIV.

What team(s) have you played for?

I haven't done any esports, but I have had a little bit of fun with Tempo Storm, who coached me through a Shadowverse competition that I took 3rd place in.

What channels do you stream/post to?

I'm everywhere! Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. @JoeZieja everywhere. I'm in the middle of totally revitalizing my YouTube channel and have some really fun stuff planned for the future.

Describe your gaming/streaming system.

Well I have several. I have a 4k projector into a 7.1.2 Klipsch surround sound system that I use for console gaming, which will shake the house, and then for my PC gaming I have a custom-built AMD Ryzen 9 PC, two widescreen curved Samsung monitors, and a pair of Dynaudio AIR15 speakers.

What's the next piece of gear/software you want to add? 

I'd like a boom microphone that points out at me from in between my two widescreen monitors.

Do you have any pet peeves when gaming?

Tech issues disrupt my flow and really tick me off, especially if they're random. I often seem to have pieces of gear that suddenly stop working, or my USB ports go sour, or something like that. It's almost a joke in my streams.

What is your favorite color?


What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen African swallow?

Kinematic data for both species of African swallows is difficult to find, but the European cousin can travel 11 meters per second or about 24 miles an hour.

How do your Audeze headphones affect your play/streams?

Audeze headphones are great for my streams because, honestly, they're comfortable. I *hate* wearing cans. I got a custom set of Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors that I pack with me when I travel to studios because wearing cans for 4 hours is miserable during VO sessions. But for some reason the Audeze headphones I have don't hurt my head, they sound great, and I love the open-back style so that I can still hear what's going on in my environment around me when I'm streaming.

Joe Zieja games with his LCD-1 headphones