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"To call the LCD-Xs good would be an understatement on a par with describing the Beatles as popular, because they’re not good. They’re amazing."
Sam Inglis
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"The pace is faster, snappier, more nimble and quick. The sound is cleaner, especially in the midrange and bass."
"They strike the right balance between capturing every nuance while avoiding stridency and sibilance."
"The sense of space is enormous, sounding more like speakers in a room than drivers next to your ears."
"The subtle gradations of dynamics in piano recordings are a real thrill... you'll realize how most headphones gloss over that aspect of sound reproduction."
"The smallest details, the shortest transients, were all a clear and well defined as I could imagine possible. There was not a hint of over-sibilance."
Audeze LCD-X is selected as one of the Ten Best Audio Products of 2013. "Simply put, it’s my favorite headphone ever."