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"To call the LCD-Xs good would be an understatement on a par with describing the Beatles as popular, because they’re not good. They’re amazing."
Sam Inglis
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The sound is wide and deep... it sounds bigger and better with superb separation. The mids offer simply fantastic detail and contouring that you just don’t get in 99.5 per cen...
Stereophile Magazine gives the LCD-X a Product of the Year Award! Thanks to John Atkinson for his great cover review in the March 2014 issue.   
"I can hear further into the recording as there's more air between the instruments. The recording had me so engrossed with the performance that it brought tears to my eyes."
“Headphones provide a path for exceptional sound quality for a fraction of the price of a traditional loudspeaker-based system."
"Beautifully-finished and equally beautiful-sounding, deliciously smooth, unambiguously stable and accurate imaging with a lack of coloration in the midrange and treble."
SoundStage! Network awards the LCD-X a Recommended Reference Component Award! "For anyone truly serious about headphones, the Audeze LCD-Xes are a must audition."