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"Listening to my original LCD-3 the sound still blows me away, but the new LCD-3 produces a crisper and clearer focus. The original '3 is sweeter and softer, which still sounds wonderful, but the new LCD-3 Fazor clarifies the sound." 
Steve Guttenberg
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"I couldn't find anything that didn't sound wonderful on them."
"A joy for those seeking clarity, detail and an intimate relationship with the music."
"The LCD-3's natural timbre, especially throughout the midrange, was a thing of beauty and one that is hard to go without once experienced."
"They're like a Ferrari for your ears."
"In design, build, and performance, they’re the epitome of high-end."
"In its best form, listening to music becomes a transportive, emotional experience That’s where the LCD-3s took me every time."