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"Listening to my original LCD-3 the sound still blows me away, but the new LCD-3 produces a crisper and clearer focus. The original '3 is sweeter and softer, which still sounds wonderful, but the new LCD-3 Fazor clarifies the sound." 
Steve Guttenberg
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"Greatness is apparent straight from the off. Delivers a scale and authority of sound we didn't think headphones could ever manage. A rich, vibrant sound."
“An object lesson in how good headphone bass can be when the response is flat to below audibility and the distortion vanishingly small.”
"Rich, well-defined sound with good spectral balance, they’re serious contenders for a reference-level set of headphones and a must-hear for anyone looking at the top-tier." 
"The LCD-3 finds the elusive balance between being accurate and highly revealing yet capable of bringing to light all that is good and right in less-than-perfect recordings."
"Speaking of über-performance, the Audeze LCD-3 is quite possibly the best headphone ever."
"A very deep soundstage and transparency revealing enormous detail with fine speed and timbre. There's air between instruments and overall it sounds very analog.