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The King MKII

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THE KING MKII Class-A Hybrid Tube/Mosfet Headphone Amplifier

The King Headphone Amplifier, created exclusively for Audeze by legendary circuit builder Bascom King, especially matched with our flagship LCD-4 headphone, produces a powerful, dynamic and panoramic sound with awesome power in the bass. Upon first listen many are shocked by the tremendous sense of space; enveloping you-are-there sound that’ll make you jump! The King’s sound is so clean and engaging that you’ll turn up the volume to enjoy the immense transparency and palpable imaging. The utter pleasure The King delivers is totally addicting.

“It's just you and the music with amazing detail, awesome dynamic range, and the best midrange I've ever heard.” - Dan Gheorghe, Headmania
It’s good to be King!



Exclusive amplifier technology

The King was designed exclusively for Audeze by legendary circuit builder Bascom King. It’s a two-stage hybrid design featuring a pair of twin-triode E88CCs input tubes, a differential P-MOSFET driver, and MOSFET output devices. The King uses NPN MOSFETs that allow perfect device matching that yields faster response times. The amplifier exhibits low impedance, low distortion, and wide frequency response along with its 6W of music power, characteristics that create a breathtakingly spacious and emotional listening experience.


Engineered and handcrafted in our California factory

The King’s anodized casework is beautifully done and solid as a vault. The side panels are fully 1/2" thick, the top and bottom 1/4" thick, featuring a 5/8" thick clear-coated front panel. All active components are "faraday cage" shielded along with the AC input to reduce RFI. The front-panel meters are engineered to reflect actual SPLs and power levels when used with the LCD-4.


The King Effect

Bascom King’s exclusive design for Audeze includes such perfectionist elements as left and right channels on separate PCBs, each with its own voltage regulators. Each PCB features a protective shield of perforated, powder-coated magnetic material. The toroidal transformer is massively oversized, molded in epoxy and shielded to further improve signal-to-noise ratio. A DC servo circuit between input and output stages keeps DC offset as close to zero as possible. And a symmetrical regulated power supply delivers ±16V DC to the output devices and there are no capacitors in the signal path resulting in virtually flat frequency response.


Audeze has inspired and empowered music creators around the world. We’re glad to be a part of the creative community and thank everyone who uses our products for movie, video and music production as well as just enjoying music!


  • Dual ¼” unbalanced jacks
  • True SPL power meters calibrated for specific headphones
  • Clipping and overload indicators
  • RCA signal inputs
  • XLR inputs (converted internally to unbalanced)
  • Filtered and fused AC power module
  • 110/220V AC voltage selector
  • Machined aluminum chasis
  • Shock absorbing feet

Package Includes

  • 6-ft AC power cord

Tube Complement

  • Stock: E88CC, matched pair
  • Compatible: 6DJ8 and variants including 6922, 7308, 7DJ8, ECC88, 6H23



Output Power 24W into 8 ohms load, 6W into 32 ohms load with less than 0.1% THD
Frequency Response 10Hz-100KHz, -0.1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.1%, 20Hz-20KHz, full output
SNR -120dB, A weighted
Output impedance 0.3 ohms
Input impedance 10k ohms
Power requirement 110-120V AC, 50/60Hz; 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz, externally switchable
Dimensions 300 mm x 110 mm x 325 mm
Weight 9 kg