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Changing Earpads for LCD Headphones

  1. Supplies needed
  2. Instructional video
  3. Contact information

1. Supplies needed:
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Sharp blade
  • Masking tape

Take a small piece of masking tape and tape the sharp edges of the screwdriver. This will prevent scratches to the earcups while removing them.


You need a sharp blade to remove the liners in the enclosed PSA rings.

Firmly pull the earpads, rotating the earcups slowly. Put your fingers between the housing and the earpads while pulling the earpads.

Make sure you have the correct earpads. There should be a couple of PSA (Pressure Sensitive double sided Adhesive) rings supplied with earpads. The adhesive is sandwiched between the two liners. The thin liner (shiny side) has to be removed first and thick liner will be removed after the PSA ring is installed in place.
There is no need to remove the old PSA. When you peel off the old earcups apply the new PSA directly on top of the old one (if there are some chunks of vinyl from your former earpads left, scrape the pieces gently until they are gone.
Please see the video for detailed instructions.
  • When you remove the yoke from the wooden cup, remove the stopper side first.
  • When removing the yoke, carefully hold it, so that it doesnt snap and scratch the grill.
  • When placing the earpad n the PSA ring, place it gently and make sure it is seated correctly before you apply pressure. It is easier to remove and re-seat till you apply pressure on the ring.

2. Video instructions
3. Contact information
If you have any questions email us at or call us at (657) 464-7029.