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24-Bit Digital Lightning Cable Technology

Audeze Cipher Lightning Cable

Audeze Cipher cable is designed to plug Audeze’s portable line of headphones (EL-8 and SINE) into the lightning port of iDevices instead of the headphone jack of your iDevice and deliver an optimal listening experience in a compact and portable form.


Why lightning port instead of the audio jack?

Music stored on your iDevice or streamed through streaming services is in digital form (zeros and ones). Before they can be played through a headphone, the digital music needs to be converted to an analog or continuous form. This is done by a Digital to Analog converter (DAC). The analog signal coming out of the DAC needs to be amplified using an ‘Amp’ before it can be played through your headphone.

When you use the audio jack of your iDevice, digital music has already been converted to analog form using built in DAC/Amp of your iDevice.When you plug into the lightning port, you get digital music signal which is then sent to the advanced DAC and Amp of the cipher cable.


But, why should one care as long as you get an analog signal playable by your headphone?

Audio chain matters

The audio chain is the path taken by the digital music before it reaches your ears. Here is the typical audio chain when listening to music through your headphone: Digital music -> DAC -> Amp -> Headphone. Each link in audio chain affects your listening experience, none more so than your headphones. Planar magnetic technology used in Audeze headphone has you covered there already.

What about the rest of the audio chain?

Any improvement you make to your audio chain is one more step in getting the most out of your headphone, this includes using a better DAC/Amp and playing high resolution digital music (files or streaming). The lightning port of iDevice gives you direct access to digital music stream, thus creating an opportunity to bypass the inbuilt DAC/Amp of the iDevice.


Cipher cable features an inline system-on-a-chip architecture taking advantage of Apple’s Lightning connector. The Cipher cable bypasses the iPhone’s internal DAC and amplifier and directly streams a 24-bit digital audio to our high-quality DAC with DSP for significantly better sound quality. The cipher cable has all your music playback needs covered, without having to fiddle with your iDevice. You can increase or decrease the volume, can also pause, play, skip, forward or rewind your tracks. Best of all, everything is built right into the cable without the need for yet another device plugged to your iDevice. The Cipher cable consumes very little power and takes the power directly from your iDevice and does not require additional batteries or power source.


Wait that is not it, we threw in the kitchen-sink too

Make voice calls

The lightning port allows two-way communication. Through Cipher cable, You can not only play music from your iDevice, you can also make voice calls! The Cipher cable also features a SIRI compatible microphone for voice calls. The buttons on the cipher cable can be used to pick up, hang or hold a voice call without having to reach for your iDevice.

Fully SIRI compatible

The Cipher cable can be used to wake your iDevice, activate SIRI and pass SIRI voice commands to your iDevice.

Did we mention a DSP?

Your audio chain just got better with Cipher. In addition to the DAC and Amp, it also has a DSP built into it. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) can be used to process the digital music stream to further enhance your listening experience. The DSP allows us to run algorithms that let us tune the audio signal to better fit our headphones, thus helping you get the best out of your Audeze’s.

Want more Bass? We have just the app for that!

The Cipher cable is already tuned to your headphone out of the box. But if you want more, we got you covered. The DSP inside cipher cable allows real-time 10 band EQ that allows you to boost or dial down bass, midrange or treble.

You can change the EQ via the Audeze app and the EQ is stored on the Cipher cable as a preset. This way, the cipher cable remembers your EQ even when you switch to a different iDevice. You can change the EQ in real-time when you play music through your iDevice and get an instant feedback on how it sounds. Since the EQ is done on the Cipher cable, you can open your favorite app (we recommend Onkyo HF Player) and start listening to personalized music through the Cipher cable.

Future proofing

We are continuously working on improving the algorithms and adding new features to the Cipher cable. The firmware on the cipher cable can be updated using the Audeze app when we make enhancements or add new features.

1. Note: You do not need the Audeze app to play music. You can close the app once you have set your EQ
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