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Versión actual 1.5.0
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Complemento Audeze Reveal+
Estudio virtual personalizado para productores e ingenieros.
Además de nuestros ajustes preestablecidos de auriculares estándar, Reveal+ ofrece lo siguiente:

  • ¡Audio espacial basado en Aural Map que se mide hasta tus oídos!
  • HRTF personalizado basado en la forma única de su oído, procesado por Embody*
  • Los ajustes preestablecidos
  • HRTF conscientes conservan el equilibrio tonal incluso cuando la espacialización está habilitada
  • Configuración de altavoces seleccionable
  • Respuesta de sala muestreada de estudios de mezcla y masterización de clase mundial
  • Control de ambiente: personaliza el nivel de reflejos de la habitación

“I think Reveal+ is great. When mixing a song or a record it’s all about trying to ensure that it sounds good everywhere. With Reveal+, you not only have access to a studio that I’m familiar with but access to other mixing studios to test and see how it sounds there. Reveal+ is an invaluable tool to help ensure the mix is as good as it can be.”

Carlos de la Garza
Grammy Award-winning mixer, music producer, engineer, musician, and songwriter

The Audeze "Producer Bundle"

Audeze and Embody are proud to be partnering with Carlos de la Garza to bring you this exclusive promotional offer! With the Audeze Producer Bundle, you'll save $200 off our critically acclaimed LCD-1 headphones and the groundbreaking personalized virtual studio plugin, Reveal+. With this bundle, you'll be able to turn your home studio into a world-class professional sound studio all from inside your Audeze headphones!

The Producer Bundle includes:

Audeze LCD-1 Planar-Magnetic Headphones
• 2m 3.5mm to dual 3.5mm cable with reversible connectors
• 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter
• Zippered travel case

Audeze Reveal+ Virtual Studio Plugin
• Putsyou in the sweet spot of world-class audio production studios including Carlos de la Garza's!
• Personalized HRTF based on your unique ear shape, using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms
• Complete virtualized acoustic response of studio monitors tuned by the studio sound engineers themselves

Audeze LCD-1 Headphone

The LCD-1 blends Audeze's coveted LCD sound quality together with improved comfort and portability. Our 90mm Planar Magnetic drivers deliver frequency extension from 10Hz all the way to 50kHz with flawless precision and clarity, ideal both for audiophile listening and professional applications. Weighing only 250 grams and featuring a plush memory foam headband and ear pads, the LCD-1 is engineered for fatigue-free listening sessions both at home and in the studio.

Reveal+ Personalized Virtual Studio Plugin

The Reveal+ audio plugin features groundbreaking Aural Map technology crafted by Embody, an industry-leading audio company specializing in sensory experiences. With the Aural Map, you can create a personalized HRTF by simply taking a picture of your ear. Embody's advanced machine-learning algorithms convert that picture into a unique spatial profile, or Aural Map, which can be downloaded directly into your Reveal+ plugin. Enjoy premium spatial audio that's been crafted foryour ears!

For more information on Embody visit:

Intuitive Design Interface

This intuitive plugin is extremely easy to set up - simply download and install the plugin package, load it into your DAW or music player software, and select the model of Audeze headphone you’re using. To add your personalized Aural Map into the mix, simply click over to the Aural Map tab, enter your registered email address and download your personalized HRTF.

The Reveal+ plugin is compatible with DAWs and playback software that supports AU, VST plugins, or AAX plugins. Compatible DAWs include ProTools, Logic, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, REAPER, and others. Compatible audio playback software includes JRiver, Audirvana Plus, Pure Music, VOX and others. The filters used by the Reveal+ plugin were designed for all commonly used sample-rates (44.1 kHz - 768 kHz), so no resampling happens no matter what sample-rate you use. Reveal+ Plugin is designed to be transparent and as unobtrusive as possible and does not apply any spatialization, reflections, crossfeed or resampling when Aural Map is not enabled.

Carlos de la Garza

Carlos de la Garza is a Grammy award winning, multi-platinum mixer, producer, and engineer based out of Los Angeles. He has achieved success working with artists such as Paramore, Hayley Williams, Best Coast, Jimmy Eat World, Young the Giant, and Cherry Glazerr!

Music Friends Recording Studio is located in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles, and has hosted a variety of recording and mixing sessions for a wide array of clientele, spanning from pop icons Kesha, Alanis Morissette, and Ziggy Marley to alternative rock giants such as Bad Religion, All American Rejects, M83, Neon Trees, Cherry Glazerr, and others. The studio was designed and constructed in 2008 under the direction of legendary Log Angeles studio designers Vincent Van Haaf and Jacques La Croix!