LCD-X Gets Recomended Badge from Techradar

December 06, 2021

"The LCD-X is an incredible headphone that wows with its detail, instrument separation, and imaging."

Lewis Leong, Techradar

"The Audeze LCD-X Open-Back Headphones bring a lot to the table.

Audeze has long been one of the pioneers of planar magnetic headphones. In short, planar magnetic headphones use a different driver than typical headphones. Typical headphones use what’s known as a “dynamic” driver, which is a cone diaphragm with a voice coil (think speaker drivers) whereas planar magnetic drivers use a conductive diaphragm sheet that’s sandwiched between magnet arrays. The advantages of planar magnetic drivers are speed and resistance to distortion. 

The LCD-X is a refinement of Audeze’s planar magnetic drivers over many years, and it shows with incredible sound quality and refinement in usability. Gone are the days of hooking up planar magnetic headphones directly into a speaker amp to be able to drive them. The LCD-X goes toe to toe with some of the best dynamic driver headphones on the market without breaking a sweat."

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