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Down but not out!

- By Sankar

01 Mar '15

Yesterday morning we learned there was the break-in at the Audeze factory. It looks like a well-planned coordinated job. The thieves crawled under and behind the racks to defeat our security system. Our finished goods inventory is wiped out and there is damage to our property. The thieves went through some of the raw materials and boxes and we are not sure of the full extent of the damage. The Costa Mesa police department is going through the factory collecting information and they’re being very helpful.

We’re a small company and all our employees are like family. Yesterday being Saturday was a holiday here. As news of the break-in spread many of our employees came to the office. A lot of them were worried about the consequences and what’s next if something of this magnitude happens to a small company like ours. Everyone was milling around the assembly line talking about how to get back on our feet.

Stolen Property

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28 Feb '15

EL-8 Graphs

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02 Feb '15

Inside Audeze #2

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28 Jun '14