Leather-Free Ear Pads Now Available | Audeze

Leather-Free Ear Pads Now Available

We have had several requests for leather-free ear pad versions of the LCD2 headphones. The ear pads of the LCD series headphones are specially designed to create a lifelike natural sound. Re-creating this with a non-leather product turned out to be tougher than we expected. After several revisions, we believe we have a non-leather ear pad that we feel is an excellent replacement. The new ear pads are made from faux suede (polyester microfiber) and use non-toxic and environmetally safe dyes. 

Note:  This is not a new product -- the LCD2s can be specially ordered with these pads. Initial orders will take a little bit longer to complete than usual.  

Please see pictures of the LCD2 and LCD3 leather-free ear pads in their respective category under products.