LCD2 Rosewood Price Increase | Audeze

LCD2 Rosewood Price Increase

The Caribbean Rosewood ear cup option offered with our LCD2 headphones is arguably one of the most visual representations of Audeze’s unique and sophisticated approached to handcrafted design. After all, the Caribbean Rosewood LCD2s are what put Audeze on the map.

Unfortunately, due to both the availability of rosewood and the increased production cost of the wood itself, we are forced to raise the amount of the LCD2 Rosewood to a new retail price of $1,145.

While this increase has been a difficult decision for Audeze, it has allowed us to further re-evaluate our manufacturing ideals. As such, we will donate a portion of all future sales of the LCD2 Rosewood to Eden Projects in order to help preserve our precious resources.

Note: While the price of the LCD2 Rosewood has increased the LCD2 Bamboo remains at $995.