LCD Earpad Update | Audeze

LCD Earpad Update

When we created the LCD-3 we tested dozens of earpad foam products for comfort and a tight seal for our flagship headphone. We decided on an open-cell polyurethane that gives the LCD-3 earpads that incredibly soft feel and a perfect seal.

We’re happy to announce that now all three LCD earpads (the black lambskin of the LCD-2, the brown lambskin of the LCD-3, and the leather-free microsuede) benefit from the same superior foam product.  

The brown LCD earpads are a bit more expensive because the leather comes from a different source and is slightly thinner giving it an even softer feel.  

Our earpads aren’t just comfortable and luxurious, they also isolate against ambient noise with a tight seal that improves sound quality and delivers our famous Audeze bass.

Enjoy these earpads on all headphones found in the LCD collection.