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Inside Audeze #1

Massimo, a customer in Italy, emailed us a few weeks ago asking for pictures of the Audeze offices. We’ve had a few similar requests and so we decided to show you what we love doing here at Audeze. Here is a first in the series of Inside Audeze posts.

Our first design was the LCD-1. We used an off-the-shelf headphone and installed our own drivers, then showed the hybrid at CanJam 2009. The response was amazing and many Head-Fi enthusiasts encouraged us to make an even better headphone.

We started designing the LCD-2 in late 2009. Our initial driver and enclosure design for the LCD-2 was rectangular. After a number of renderings we showed the design to our trusted woodworker Jesse. Unfortunately he thought it would be too difficult to make.

We also wanted to make a simple headband that would be very comfortable and settled on a one-piece bent steel spring.

But that also proved too difficult to manufacture so it was back to the drawing board. Finally we came up with the current and comfortable design.

  Renderings of the revised design.