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How to check if your Audeze headphone is authentic

This page is provided to check against the list of stolen headphones.

Verify your serial number

Enter the serial number of your headphones below to learn if they’re authentic. Be aware that Audeze headphones are only sold through authorized dealers or directly through Audeze’s website. Dealers are not permitted to sell on Amazon, EBay or Craigslist. Care should be taken when purchasing from non-US sites offering prices that appear unreasonably low. Contact for any questions you may have.

Unauthorized sales

Unauthorized dealers may provide confusing information regarding their lack of official status with Audeze and the nature of the warranty coverage they offer. Always ask if they’re an authorized Audeze dealer or check out our online dealer directory. If you buy from an unauthorized dealer Audeze and its authorized dealers will not honor the warranty. If you are offered Audeze headphones in a private sale we strongly advise you to obtain the serial number and check it here before purchase.

Check the inside of the adjustment block on your LCD headphone to locate your serial number.