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"Beautifully-finished and equally beautiful-sounding, deliciously smooth, unambiguously stable and accurate imaging with a lack of coloration in the midrange and treble. Spoke cleanly and evenly in the bass with no doubling."
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Audeze LCD-X is selected as one of the Ten Best Audio Products of 2013. "Simply put, it’s my favorite headphone ever."
"The LCD-X is now my favorite headphone for recreational listening and studio monitoring."
"The bottom line, the Audez’e LCD-X may be the truest 'reference' headphone available today, arguably surpassing the Abyss possibly at less than half the latter’s cost..."
High notes have sparkle and are devoid of any artificial shine with an enveloping soundstage that makes you feel like you're on the stage next to the musicians.  
"Instrument separation and imaging are amazing with the LCD-X "