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"Greatness is apparent straight from the off ... Delivers a scale and authority of sound we didn't think headphones could ever manage ... A rich, vibrant sound that lacks for nothing in resolution of dynamic subtlety."
“An object lesson in how good headphone bass can be when the response is flat to below audibility and the distortion vanishingly small.”
"Rich, well-defined sound with good spectral balance, they’re serious contenders for a reference-level set of headphones and a must-hear for anyone looking at the top-tier. 
"The LCD-3 finds the elusive balance between being accurate and highly revealing yet capable of bringing to light all that is good and right in less-than-perfect recordings."
"Speaking of über-performance, the Audeze LCD-3 is quite possibly the best headphone ever."
"A very deep soundstage and transparency revealing enormous detail with fine speed and timbre. There's air between instruments and overall it sounds very analog.  
"I couldn't find anything that didn't sound wonderful on them."