High-performance planar magnetic headphone


"In design, build, and performance,
they’re the epitome of high-end." – Geoffrey Morrison, Forbes

When we started designing the LCD-3 professional reference headphone, the goal was very clear: it must be the absolute best.

The LCD-3 has astonishingly dynamic enveloping sound with powerful bass, an attractive, inviting midrange and open extended highs. Our research and development team took the popular LCD-2 headphones and created the Audeze LCD-3 with a thinner planar magnetic diaphragm controlled by an even more efficient magnetic structure.

The earcups of the LCD-3 are made from precision-crafted hand-selected Zebrano wood with sloped ear pads of either premium lambskin leather or a leather-free microsuede. The ear pads are designed with specially-crafted foam offering the best firmness and acoustic balance.

Each LCD-3 comes with:

Audeze headphones are meticulously designed for sound engineers and audiophiles around the world resulting in products that deliver unparalleled sonic performance.  The technical specifications of the LCD-3 are as follows: 

  • Style: Open circumaural 
  • Transducer type: Planar magnetic
  • Magnetic structure: Proprietary self-closing design
  • Magnet type: High-grade Neodymium  
  • Diaphragm excursion: 1.5mm peak-to-peak
  • Transducer active diaphragm area: 6.17 sq in
  • Sound pressure level (SPL): 130db (maximum)
  • Earpads: Specially designed acoustically shaped foam inserts with premium lambskin or microsuede cover
  • Frequency response: 5Hz - 20kHz, usable high-frequency extension to 50kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD): Less than 1% throughout entire frequency range
  • Impedance: 110 ohms
  • Efficiency: 94dB SPL / 1mW
  • Maximum power handling: 15W (for 200 ms)
  • Optimal power requirement: 1-4W
  • ADZ6SE Cable (single-ended): ¼” TRS to 2x4-pin mini XLR 
  • ADZ6B4 Cable (balanced): 4-pin XLR to 2x4-pin mini XLR 
  • Cable length (both): 2.5 m or 8.2 ft
  • Weight: 548 g (without cable - Zebrano)
“A joy for those seeking clarity, detail and an intimate relationship with the music.”
– Por Emilio, Old & New sound
“The LCD-3's natural timbre, especially throughout the midrange, was a thing of beauty and one that is hard to go without once experienced.”
– Andrew Robinson, HomeTheaterReview.com
“Speaking of über-performance, the Audeze LCD-3 is quite possibly the best headphone ever ... Starting with the bass, the impact and detail is simply otherworldly ... Midrange performance is similarly stellar, with hints of bloom, but never unnatural, never exaggerated ... We were both simply floored by the LCD-3's physicality”
– Jude Mansilla, Headfi.org
“They don’t really look like other headphones, and in many ways, they don’t sound like other headphones. No, they sound much, much better ... The word that comes to mind as I listen to the LCD-3s is 'realism.' ... There are some cases where spending more gets you more, and LCD-3s are an example of that.”
– Geoffrey Morrison, Forbes
“I have never heard a set of headphones that got even remotely close to the sound of live music the way this one does and ...if you want the very best, get the LCD-3s.”
– Steve Guttenberg, CNET
“From the butter-soft leather, to the gorgeous wood earcups, they exude luxury in a way most headphones don’t ... The Audeze LCD-XC’s are exquisitely well built and offer incredible performance ... Those two things define a good luxury item.”