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Audeze SWAG Combo

Audeze-branded paraphernalia


At tradeshows and conferences we often get asked about Audeze-branded paraphernalia.  Over the years we have created some of our own and now would like the opportunity to share the most popular with the rest of our devoted fanbase. In this pack you’ll find our company branded microfiber screen cleaner, pen/stylus combo and stylized Audeze logo sticker. 

Microfiber Screen Cleaner 

Busy days leave smartphones, laptops and tablets covered with dust and fingerprints. Clean it all up with our Audeze-branded MicroPad. This microfiber screen cleaner adheres to your portable device so when you need to clean your screen you simply remove, wipe and replace.  
Stylus/Pen Combo
Our handy and stylish Audeze pen/stylus combo gives you everything you need to communicate on good old fashion pen to paper or in the new digital age.  Simply retract the pen tip to reveal a stylus perfect for writing/drawing on tablets and smartphones.  
Audeze Sticker
Place this stylized Audeze logo sticker anywhere you’d like the world to know that you’re part of the Audeze family.  The design was commissioned for a T-shirt contest before SXSW in 2012 and has been a favorite of Audeze ever since.