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Audeze Presents New Headphones at RMAF CanJam

October 11, 2013

Fountain Valley, CA – October 11th, 2013 – Audeze, maker of highly acclaimed planar magnetic headphones, announces two new products at RMAF joining the existing LCD line. They are the LCD-X and fully-enclosed LCD-XC.

Audeze customers started asking for a closed-back design ever since the award-winning open High Performance LCD-2 headphones were introduced in 2010. “After much research and various design prototypes we finally developed the materials and supporting structure that produces our unprecedented Audeze sound,” said Sankar Thiagasamudram, COO of Audeze. “We’re excited to finally release the LCD-XC.”

The new closed-back LCD-XC and open reference LCD-X headphones benefit from a completely redesigned planar magnetic driver. “The accuracy and sound quality of our new closed-back headphones are superb,” said Alex Rosson, CEO of Audeze, “but for the very best sound Audeze feels it’s not yet possible to surpass an open design.” Both new headphones are available in either lambskin leather or leather-free microsuede, and the LCD-XC features beautifully-finished wood enclosure caps.

Audeze continues making the award-winning LCD-2 and ultra high performance LCD-3 open headphones. “The LCD-3 defines the ultimate in headphone playback, but the open architecture and beautifully-finished wood enclosure may not be ideal for travel,” explained Alex. “The LCD-X and XC, on the other hand, feature hard-anodized, aluminum enclosures making them even more durable for travel and studio use.”

“We’d like to thank the Audeze community and those publications like Head-Fi and others who have spurred us on to greater heights,” said Mark Harper, CMO of Audeze. “We appreciate your loyalty and feedback and we’ll continue to do everything we can to satisfy our devoted customers.”

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