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Audeze at High End in Munich 2013

May 9, 2013

Attendees to HIGH END 2013 in Munich will have a unique opportunity to experience several new innovations from Audeze, the high-end personal audio technology manufacturer delivering the most accurate sound reproduction available today.

The forefront of Audeze’s exhibit will include the award-winning Audeze’s LCD2 and LCD3 planar magnetic headphones. The LCD2 and LCD3 are engineered with one goal in mind:  recreate sound exactly as the artist intended. The headphones combine leading edge technology and development with knowledge, feedback and suggestions from an on-going dialogue with Sound Engineers and Audiophiles.

Audeze’s LCD2 and LCD3 headphones use a proprietary thin-film diaphragm that is housed between a unique super efficient push-pull magnetic structure. Audeze's manufacturing process combined with the advanced materials and technology produce extremely accurate and incredible sounding headphones.

In addition to offering hands-on demos of the award-winning LCD2 and LCD3 headphones, Audeze will unveil a prototype of a new closed-back planar magnetic headphone concept that will revolutionize the way listeners enjoy music.