LCD3 Frequency Response and Waterfall Plot

The below is a frequency response graph and a waterfall plot of the LCD3 headphone (note: the waterfall plot is for the headphone and not the driver in an IEC baffle).


















Leather-Free Ear Pads Now Available

We have had several requests for leather-free ear pad versions of the LCD2 headphones. The ear pads of the LCD series headphones are specially designed to create a lifelike natural sound. Re-creating this with a non-leather product turned out to be tougher than we expected. After several revisions, we believe we have a non-leather ear pad that we feel is an excellent replacement. The new ear pads are made from faux suede (polyester microfiber) and use non-toxic and environmetally safe dyes. 

Note:  This is not a new product -- the LCD2s can be specially ordered with these pads. Initial orders will take a little bit longer to complete than usual.  

Please see pictures of the LCD2 and LCD3 leather-free ear pads in their respective category under products.  



NYC Area Audio Meet

Time for the 2011 NYC area meet!

Here is more information on the meet from

When: Saturday, Novemer 12, 2011, 10 AM to 6 PM (doors open at 9:00 AM).

Crowne Plaza Hotel
66 Hale Ave
White Plains, NY 10610



Audeze LCD3 and LCD2 at the Westdeutsche HiFi-Tage

The Audeze LCD3 and LCD2 will be shown along with the MalValve Headphone amp at the "Westdeutsche HiFi-Tage."  Please come and join us and experience the terrific combination for yourself... Admission is free!

Date & Time:
On November 12th, 2011 from 10:00 to 18:00 and on the 13th from 11:00 to 17:00.
Additional information is available online at or phone 0228-222051. 

Maritim Hotel Bonn 
Godesberger Allee
(Zufahrt/Access: Kurt-Georg-Kiesinger Allee 1)
53175 Bonn



RMAF LCD3 Notes from InnerFidelity

Tyll Hertsens from wrote some glowing praise for our LCD3 headphones after RMAF this year.  We truly appreciate the following:  "I consider the LCD-3 the very best headphone you can get for use with a traditional headphone amplifier. You'll have to step up to the big bux of electrostatic headphones and amplifiers to best them. Simply put, if you're not ready to spend $10,000+ on headphones and amp, the LCD-3 is the way to get world class sound on headphones."

Link to original article here.




RMAF Coverage 2011

Gizmodo blogged about our headphones in a terrific article here:  Daily Desired: Headphones With Soft Ear Pads and Big Sound.  

Additionally, Audio BeatDigital High-End, Shoot Online had some great pictures and stories to share as well.  Many thanks to all who participated and stopped by!



Audeze Welcomes New CTO

Las Vegas, NV (10 OCT 2011):  Audeze Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of renowned Industry veteran Dragoslov Colich as the new Chief Technology Officer.

“Mr. Colich brings over 30 years of experience in Design and Mass production of Planar Magnetic speakers systems. We are extremely delighted that he will be joining our team to take Audeze forward”, said Sankar Thiagasamudram, Co-Founder.
In this capacity Mr. Colich will be reporting to the President of Audeze. As CTO, Mr. Colich will be responsible for developing and executing Audeze's Technical strategy and research, including development of the new speaker line. In the past he has designed several iconic products including the famed Monsoon Series of speakers for Sonigistix.  He has also worked at Nexxt and Level 9 Sound Designs.
“Both Sankar and Alex have done a tremendous job in the last two years and I am thrilled at the opportunity to be involved with this exciting company” said Mr. Colich.



Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF) 2011

Audeze will be attending the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF) from Oct 14 -16th in Denver, CO. Come visit us at CanJam@RMAF and at the Atrium 4th Floor, Room 477. At this year's event, Audeze will once again be showcasing our latest audio products.




Cable Update

We recently moved to a new vendor for our LCD2 cables. Because of this change, the LCD2 cables will look visually a little bit different compared to our existing cables. Internally, these new cables use the same material and the wiring diagram remains the same. This change in vendors has now afforded us the ability to offer a balanced cable as an accessory.



Additional Driver Information

Several customers have emailed us asking for more details regarding changes in our driver manufacturing. We want to be open and transparent with our customers on the changes we are implementing so below is some additional information outlining our manufacturing and thought processes. 

We love the original LCD2 sound signature and as such we have not changed the overall balance or frequency response of the headphones. The newer LCD2s show a very similar response curve because we adheared to our original design intent. Quite simply, our revised drivers now use a thinner raw material. This thinner raw material results in reduced mass of the diaphragm. Less mass in the diaphragm results in greater acceleration and better impulse response. Better response in our driver results in higher resolution and extensions in both ends of the spectrum (and better imaging). The highs are more pronounced because of greater detail now created. We'd like to underscore that we are not boosting the high frequencies. Perhaps using the term "darker" in the previous post conveyed the wrong information. There is a significant difference between boosting high frequencies (peaky response) and pronounced highs. As we mentioned earlier, we love the original LCD2 sound signature and this is an improvement upon it. We are not changing the nature of the headphone, but rather finessing it and this is one of the reasons we decided to continue with the LCD2 name. 
Frequency response charts:
The main reason we provide the frequency response curves for each headphone is to primarily assure our customers that each unit is measured and tested. The variations in graphs when you measure the same headphone (any headphone) twice with slightly different positioning (this is human nature of placing the headphones on the measurement tool) is noticeable. The amount of consistency on these curves over the course of hundreds of LCD2 headphones is quite astounding and we are very proud of this. However, not everything about the headphones can be discerned from just the frequency response graphs. The charts additionally show some differences when we changed over to our newer (and improved) pads.





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